1. Boo.


  2. Have a happy New Year, humans.

  3. ghostfish:

    mr. puss is not pleased with mini-hunter

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  4. Ridiculous how news spreads around here.

  5. darrencrissisruiningmychristmas:


    … How did you get into this room? Not that anything happened.

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  6. anderchester said: is it true you are having a love affair with Lord Tubbington?

    What is a Lord Tubbington? That is, to say, who? Not a handsome cat, surely. Ahem.


  7. darrencrissisruiningmychristmas:

    I bet the warblers got a cat because some of the boys were dying to see some pussy

    Well, I can’t deny that I am the finest ‘pussy’ money can buy. Move over, Red Light District.

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  8. My human insisted that I go with him to the McKinley palace - a cottage, really - and he has me stashed in a crate under his chair. Ugh.


  9. 'Operation Win Sectionals And Use Our Success To Lure Blaine Back To His Rightful Kingdom' is written on a whiteboard. Though I admire their persistence, I believe the humans have lost it.


  10. The humans are singing and dancing to a rather peculiar song. It sounds nice enough, but the lyrics leave me unsure. I don’t think this is about an actual whistle.

    Humans are strange.